Certified translation agency

Your all-round translation partner

1 to 1 Translations B.V. is a reputable and certified translation agency primarily focusing on the translation of financial and legal texts. As your all-round translation services partner, 1 to 1 Translations also offers interpretation services and language advice in the broadest sense, in addition to providing translation services. The professional translation or interpretation of your texts is in good hands with 1 to 1 Translations: our highly qualified sworn translators or sworn (court) interpreters guarantee quality, accuracy and expertise. Naturally, 1 to 1 Translations also takes care of the legalisation of its certified translations. Read more

Legal translation agency

1 to 1 Translations is preferred supplier to various civil-law notary firms and law firms for the translation or interpretation of their deeds, records, judgments, summons and other legal documents. They greatly appreciate our expertise and service-oriented nature. As a skilled partner of our clients we have the specialist (professional) knowledge that is required for their legal translation work. Read more

Financial translation agency

Financial translation agency 1 to 1 Translations is known for its experience when it comes to the professional translation of financial documents for all possible language combinations. 1 to 1 Translations employs a team of experienced financial translators that is able to translate complicated financial texts in a professional and skilled manner. For example, think of the professional translation of agreements, annual reports, half-yearly and quarterly reports, prospectuses and offering memorandums. Read more


 Reputable translation agency
 Expert translation services
 Sworn translators and interpreters
 Excellent price/quality ratio
 Exceptional customer service